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Ask me about my love of dogs  
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I learned not to trust people; I learned not to believe what they say but to watch what they do; I learned to suspect that anyone and everyone is capable of ‘living a lie’. I came to believe that other people - even when you think you know them well - are ultimately unknowable. Lynn Barber, An Education  (via perfect)

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angry and quite offended that you don’t have a crush on me

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the 1975

the 1975

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You are meant to fight. When you are sick, your body fights for its right to function. When you hold your breath, your body fights for its right to breathe. There are billions of tiny events—from the surface of your skin, down to the very cells of your body—that have to happen in order for you to be simply sitting here today. If your most minuscule parts haven’t given up yet,

Why should you?

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Luke in snapback [black]


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if you expect honesty, be honest. if you expect forgiveness, forgive. if you expect a whole person, you have to be a whole person. kristen crockett  (via perfect)

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such a nice place


such a nice place

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Can someone call Zayn and let him know he’s in One Direction.

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